What is Bevel Gear?

  Bevel gears are gears that provide movement and moment transmission between two axes that are 90 degrees apart. The angle within the axes can vary depending on the application. The bevel gear is conical in shape. The axes are in contact with each other from the point of intersection and movement is provided. Beveled helical gears are available in straight and curvilinear gear types. In practice, bevel gears with straight and helical structure are mostly preferred. The larger gear is the bevel gear. If the small gear is at a 90 degree angle to the bevel gear, it is called a bevel gear. Where is the Bevel Gear Used? If we answer the question of where the final bevel is used, it is preferred in many places such as power plants, geared automotive and hand tools. The most common examples of usage are differential systems preferred in the automotive industry and hand drills preferred in small workshops. The differential is the preferred system in the movement mechanisms of vehic